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Forging of aluminium parts for Bicycles, skateboard, scooters, etc.

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Aleaciones Estampadas (AESA) is specialized to produce aluminium forged parts for bicycles, skateboards and electric scooters.

Currently, manufacturers of Urban mobility vehicles need to lower the weight of their vehicles, in order to reduce user effort (manual vehicles) or reduce energy consumption (electric vehicles).

Urban Mobility Vehicles_AESA

When the Automotive manufacturers was looking to produce lighter vehicles in pursuance of getting more efficient vehicles, AESA decided to take advantage of the opportunity and we make a big effort and industrial investment to be a leader in Forging of Lightweight alloys, as aluminium.

forging presses up to 1200Tn

For this reason, we are currently able to manufacture a wide range of parts for urban vehicles (bicycles, skateboards, electric scooters, urban motorcycles, etc.) such as: Aluminum bicycle brake levers, Aluminium seatposts for bicycles, Bicycle aluminium crankset, Aluminium rims for electric scooter, Aluminium skate trucks, Aluminium skate axles, Aluminium skateboard hanger, etc.

Aluminium skate hanger for urban vehicles
Aluminium bicycle brake lever for urban mobility
Bicycle aluminium crankset for urban mobility
Aluminium seatpost for bicycle for urban mobility
Aluminium rims for electric scooter for urban mobility

In our website we are at your disposal to manufacture your products, by forging and machining light alloys (aluminum, magnesium, titanium, etc.) for Urban Mobility Vehicles parts.

We are ready to receive your inquiries for send you an offer according to your technical requirements.

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