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Video presentation of the Aluminum Forging process and the advantages over the parts obtained by Aluminium Casting

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In this video, we can see the process of Aluminum Forging, developed in Aleaciones Estampadas S.A. – AESA for the manufacture of aluminium parts for Automotive, Railway, Valves, Electrical Appliances, and other industrial sectors. In addition, as we can see in the video, we analyze the advantages of Aluminum Forging parts versus Aluminium Casting parts:

  • Superior mechanical properties (improved with Heat Treatment (2xxx, 6xxx, 7xxx seires)
  • High fatigue strength. Preservation of mechanical properties over long time in very demanding conditions.
  • High corrosion resistance alloys (5xxx series)
  • Several surface finishings only reachable through forging process: Anodizing, Chrome plating, Polishing, Shot-blasting, Tribological coatings, ceramic coatings, etc.

Aluminum Forging parts versus Aluminium Casting parts:


In Aleaciones Estampadas S.A. – AESA, we are at your disposal to manufacture your products, by forging and machining light alloys (aluminum, magnesium, titanium, etc.) for Automotive, Railway, Naval, Valves, Electrical appliances and other industrial sectors.